World War Never

World War Never. What in the world could this mean. We humans think with words. We use symbols and even acronyms to order our thinking. 

Certain words are innocent, like "heaven" or "love," but others have serious consequences, such as "evil" or "enemy."

As we face the renewed danger of a nuclear exchange with Russia, one of the current "mistakes in thinking" is to use the term WWIII (world war three). People use this and abuse themselves with the notion that a nuclear war would be anything like the former world wars, WWI and WWII.

In fact a nuclear world war would have absolutely nothing in common with the former world wars, except, possibly, for the death of humans and unnecessary loss of life.

Look at the image below. It shows how numbers are ordered in sequence. This is how kindergarten teachers show their young students what is called "numerical ordering." Perhaps this is where WW III comes from.


Trouble is, this type of thinking allows for the mental model that another world war (a.k.a. WWIII) would be anything similar to the first two. 

We use this sequencing idea with super bowls, presidents, our age, the floors of buildings, etc. But, with war, the use of the term WWIII is insanity!

Why not order based on size? Or age? Or duration. Or number of deaths? Or how fast everyone gets killed. As we can see, there are probably hundreds of ways to order a nuclear exchange with Russia, which are vastly more logical that simple sequencing. Watch the video below to get a feeling for the vast destructive power of nuclear weapons, and how horribly unique a nuclear exchange would be. Rather that World War Three (WWIII), it should be called World War Never.

Finally, based on the total destruction of all life which a nuclear exchange could produce, the only sane way to see this is that all war is obsolete.

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