´╗┐The Asymptote


The asymptote image above and the Axes Shift Diagram below are extremely important. As we work to rescue our planet and our species, it is CRITICAL to use this asymptote image and the video to "see" where we are, where we are going and what we need to do to have meaningful survival.  Read this whole post. Then watch the axes shift video below. Then come back and read this again. Don't give up until you can understand the asymptote well enough to share it with anyone who might be interested.

An asymptote is a value on the independent (or "x") axis beyond which a function cannot mathematically exceed. You can see this explained in more detail in the video. 

The point is that, in order to move forward, we shall need to discriminate between thinking and actions which are TRAPPED on the left side of this red line, and ones which have enjoyed the benefit of the axes shift, and now work for the benefit of all life on the right side of the line.

There is no discretion here. We are either on the left or the right side of this line. And the line cannot be moved or eliminated. We can't go around it, over it, under it or through it.  And, if we want to have a future and hand our planet over to our children and grandchildren, we absolutely MUST manage this crisis, and move, individually and collectively, past the asymptote line.

In the axes shift diagram below, one can see a way "through." But it is not actually through at all. What is needed is a TOTAL shift of the axes, making consciousness the independent variable, and time (and our future) dependent on it.

The opportunity here is this:

  • With every thing we see, think or do, or what we see others think or do, we need to recognize whether that action, idea or law is on the left side of the red line, or over on the right.
  • If one does this with "new eyes" it becomes apparent that 99.99% of what we are saying, doing, thinking or whatever -- is stuck on the left side of the line... circling around and around, in an illusion of control and self-importance, trying to make an obsolete paradigm work.
  • But, the trouble is, this will not work anymore. The paradigm on the left side of the red asymptote line is finished. Done. Forever!
  • What's over on the right, after the axes are shifted, and consciousness is first cause? Paradise on Earth! Everything we have ever wished for survival.
  • Finally, as one can see from the axes shift video below, once many individuals make "the shift," when they collaborate, TREMENDOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY IS AVAILABLE TO COMPLETE THE TRANSFORMATION. (Also known as "Big C" according to the formula e=mc^C)

Watch the video below. Then go through your day and see how much of our news, business, relationships, biology, technology and world are ALL trapped on the left of that asmyptote red line, pre-shift if you will.

What is needed to make the shift? We need to consciously choose to let the environment tell us  what we must do. And then comply with that.

It's that simple. See the Green Line in the video for more understanding. Then, explore the videos on this website. Everything is here to understand and complete the shift. All we need is people to see with new eyes, take creative initiative and then share this website with everyone they know!

The Axes Shift Diagram. Look for the red line and see what it means.

The Asymptote

See both videos together as One here. (<10 mins)

One Shared Myth