Everything is Interconnected

Everything is Interconnected ~ by Bill Miller

Everything is Interconnected

Everything is interconnected. If you look into the design, structure and functionality of the cosmos, you will see that everything is interconnected, interdependent and interacting, everywhere, all the time.

A shorthand way of saying this is, "All is One."

All is One is a blueprint for survival. It is one of the core foundations for the creative unitive paradigm for the human.

Small, individual instances affect the Whole. Shifting the paradigm can easily look like an overwhelmingly large, complex task - taking years and requiring buy-in from millions of people. However I see a principle increasingly popping up in quantum physics-related discussions that everything in the universe is so interconnected that disturbing one particle literally bumps every other particle in the universe. In human affairs, I like to think that conscious awareness is the activating factor for the above. That is, if one does an act as small as picking up a piece of trash, with normal awareness (“old eyes”), you clean up one piece of trash. But if the same act is done with mindful intention and awareness of the Whole (“new eyes”) then you are literally increasing order in the entire cosmos. LoveShift. Working together we can make a difference.

One Shared Myth